Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow... sniffle.

Okay so I was fiddling around with my new phone and I came across an area that said free downloads for Palm Centro and I found a free download for VOX which is a program that I can post directly from my palm centro phone . Pretty cool , eh? I know, I know, you can do that with Blogger ( I have as you can see..) but when I went to check out Vox they had all these cool things like cute layouts, you can upload your fave songs, books, video & pics ( u know me & pics, I have TONS!!!!So many that I had enuff to make a close friend 2 photo albums for her birthday!! Crazy, I know....) You can even set up your account to get your posts from other blogs to appear on Vox!So now more people will know your take on life! So, i think I'm gonna either set it up to post to Vox as well, or just close this one up. Sorry Blogger, I hardly knew thee. Meanwhile check out my other blog at http://mimi3000.vox.com... ENJOY.

Friday, January 11, 2008

PalmCentro...u dig?

Here's a crappy pic for u lazy SOBs!

My phone rules!

Yay just got a new phone for the new yr bcuz my Motorola Rzr sucked BIG TIME! Its a Palm Centro & its prolly the smallest of the "smartphones".
I love that I post shit thru my phone now. I HEART technology! This phone is only available thru Sprint for now and is available in black and red. I have the red & my baybee got black. I'll post a photo later. Or if you're not TOO lazy just freakin google it, damn it. Google Palm Centro. Do it! NOW!

You have new Picture Mail!

Hello...is this thing on?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Guns & Bombs & Migraines, Oh MY!

Well my boyfriend did open for Gun & Bombs at Lotus in Waikiki! It was pretty awesome. Um they didn't play very long. In fact they arrived late to the gig. I heard they stopped for a bite to eat at MAC 24/7. And I heard they were fighting. Oh well... my baybee KILLED IT!!!!! And I'm not just saying this because I'm his girlfriend. Dj KSM is pretty talented. And he knows his shit. He eats, breathes, lives music. He can pretty much play ANYTHING the party calls for. Hes not just a hip hop dj, or a Drum & bass dj, or a house dj, or electro/punk dj or indie rock dj or retro dj. He can do all that and then some. This isn't his hobby, or his side job. He does this for a living. Some of the sound techs for Lotus were pretty impressed by his skills. I was pretty impressed with Lotus. Its a nice venue. It looks like it should be in Downtown. It kinda reminds me of Pink Cadillac with the small bar & lounge with its own dj downstairs, and the main room upstairs. And there also another room upstairs. And the sound system is pretty sweet. I hope more cool shows happen at this place. I'm so there.

Now for the migraine portion. Yes, I've just started having them. Well actually they've started from the beginning of this year I think. I would awake in the middle of the night with a sharp pain on the left side of my head right behind my left eye socket. It would happen continously for several nites. I'd take an ibuprofen and I'd be fine. Then It would happen again and this time the pain would be sorta subdued, kinda dulled, but I could still feel it. and it would last for DAYS. Nonstop. I was kinda worried. My sister was having really bad headaches and found that she had a blood vessel in her head leaking blood or something crazy like that so she had to do tests and even do chemo. Then my headache disappeared. So I never went to the doctor ( I LOATHE going to the doctor) and that was that. Then all of a sudden it started up again. Same side, same socket, same pain, for DAYS. I'm in between primary care physicians so i did the only thing that came to mind. I went to the emergency room. So I went. I urinated in a cup. They asked me questions. It didn't seem serious. But the doctor told me it sounded like migraines. Wha? I've never had them before. So he gave me a wonderful shot of Demerol (sp?) because I told him that the pain had kept me up all night. And gave a prescription for painkillers. And told me I should really get a PCP and make and appointment to see a doctor. Those painkillers haven't really been alot of help. I can't take em during the day, because they make you drowsy. But they don't seem to REALLY knock you out at nite. And they don't really help my pain. And I finally got a PCP and scheduled an appointment. When am I going? In FEB. This is crazy. Even the Excedrine for Migraines don't work. Help. I must get some rest. TTYL.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Coachella...who's gonna play?

I know acts will not be announced until next year around mid January ( well, thats what happened LAST year!) But I've been Googling to see if I can dig up any info off the INTERWEB (hahhaha) Well so far, some people were saying Radiohead & My Bloody Valentine. And then Radiohead announced their tour starting in May 2008 so I guess that means no Radiohead. And as for MBV, their manager denied any Coachella performance. CRAP. Then somebody said that The Prodigy label announced that they were to play Coachella. And then that was denied too. Arrrgh the suspense is KILLING me. I wanna know...oh well. More waiting.
I've been off for the past couple of days from work and figured I may as well blog about something. Even tho nobody reads this crap. Oh here's some interesting bits... my boyfriend whos a dj, might open for Guns and Bombs! Pretty kewl eh? If you don't know who they are, they are 1 part Ima Robot Filip Turbotito/ and 1 part dj Johnny Love. Check em out on their Myspace page : Guns N Bombs.
Well I hope he is ... its not finalized yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!